Thank You

2012 is here and we are now simply reflecting on 2011. As an organization we are looking back and learning and growing from our experiences serving alongside with you. There are many moments we celebrate and we celebrate because you are the ones who have made it all happen. For that we want to say thank you!

1. Thank you for your Gift: We are motivated by the notion of “What can one more leader do?” With your contribution to the WCA Emerging Leadership Fund we are able to bring leadership training to under-resourced leaders around the globe.

2. Thank you for reading our blog: This year we’ve launched a new blog platform. You, our readers, are the ones who have been pushing it forward and making it a successful tool for leadership development, thus far.
We are excited to keep moving forward and continue to serve you in 2012.

3. Thank you for attending our Events: Our heart and mission is to serve the local church. One way we do this is through leadership events. At The Global Leadership Summit in 2011, we had more than 65,000 people attend the Summit in US and more than 100,000 attend globally! Because you attend and invest in your own leadership we have been able to fulfill our mission.

4. Thank you for buying our Resources: We want to equip you and invest in your leadership. One way we do this is by providing suggested resources to enhance your leadership growth. We are also very excited to have launched our online store ( to serve you better!

5. Thank you for your Membership: Because of your membership with the WCA, we are able to equip leaders and the local church. We are humbled and thankful to say that 2011 was a year where we exceeded our membership goal. Through your membership and belief in the local church, leaders are being transformed—impacting communities throughout the globe.

From the Entire WCASA Team



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