Part 5: Family Series [Patrick Lencioni] – PEACE

Before you start this journey, and listen to Part 5 of the Family Series.

Take a moment…

Sit comfortably on your chair with your feet apart…

Place your hands on your legs, turn up…

Reflect on the following scripture

Take a moment of complete silence [1 minute]

Prayerfully repeat the following words on the picture below.

Patrick Lencioni, once again will have you engaged in every word that he has to say in PART 5 of our Family series.

He comes with so much family-application. Here are some of the quotes and slides to keep in eye-sight as you listen to the mp3 of this message


People need to be reminded, more than to be instructed.
#patricklencioni #familyseries

If companies ran their company the way we run our families… then they would go out of business #familyseries @patricklencioni

Answer 3 questions [1 hour conversation once off & 10 minutes per week]
1) What makes our family unique? [Core Values & Strategy] – Keep it simple and messy!
2) What is our top priority – right now?
3) How will we keep this alive? [date night conversation, sunday night meeting, refrigerator poster, quarterly parents retreat 🙂 ]
@patricklencioni #familyseries


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