Social Media Bootcamp 2012

Not a day goes by without some-one talking about this on facebook, that on twitter and everything else online.

The yellow pages and even the good old Encyclopedia Britannica seems to have been replaced by Google.

5 year olds know how to search on cell phone and play games on ipads and other mobile and tablet devices.

Yet, the church (and Christian organisations at large) seems to have been left behind.

Sure, we see churches and NPO’s with web sites and facebook pages. Most often these seem to be there because it is some type of minimum requirement to be able to operate.

What we don’t see is the efficient and best practice use of these platforms and channels.

Using your web site to communicate the latest news and happenings, using facebook to have a conversation, using twitter to share ideas and inform, using YouTube to promote events and making proper use of timely and relevant emails are but a few ways in which the online tools can benefit your organization.

We at Digital4Christ are passionate about all things online and how it can be used to the greater good of one thing: THE GOOD NEWS.

So, whether you want to learn about facebook best practice, why use twitter or the do’s and don’t’s of YouTube in your organization, you’ll benefit from attending one of our Social Media Bootcamp events, presented in conjunction with the Willow Creek Association of Southern Africa.

Visit our website to register or go directly to register

Or call our office 012-665 4688 for more details.



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