The most important question you can ask…by The Energy Project

Why are you here?

This is life’s most fundamental question. There is no more powerful source of energy available to us than the sense that what we’re doing really matters – and serves something larger than our self-interest. 

If you’re a leader, your energy is contagious, and so is the degree to which you can articulate a compelling sense of mission your people can rally around. That requires searching inside yourself and finding what gets you up in the morning – beyond the outward markers of success.

Whether or not the organization you work for has a compelling mission, you can find ways to embody your own deepest values in your everyday actions at work. Find tips and ideas below for beginning to cultivate a sense of purpose and meaning.

Top tips for cultivating a sense of purpose:

1.Reflect on the aspects of your job, your relationships at work, or your company mission that connect most closely with your values or your purpose. Regularly connecting to these things provides a powerful source of energy upon which to draw.

2. Think about a time at work when you were doing something that made you feel more fully alive or that you found so absorbing that you lost track of time. Write down in as much detail as possible each aspect of this experience. Then, think about ways that you can incorporate these aspects into your everyday work life.

3. Take yourself through the alignment exercise below. There are likely certain areas where there are disconnects between what you say is important and how you actually live. Think about which of the gaps in that exercise you find most intolerable. Choose a behavior that will allow you to start closing the gap, and schedule it into your week.

How aligned is your life with your most deeply held values? This short exercise will help you understand the gaps between what you value most and where you are currently investing the most energy. Download it now!

download the alignment snapshot



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