Social Media Tips

Whether you like it or not, social media are here to stay, having taken the world by storm and now seen all over in various formats from Twitter and Facebook to the new kid on the block, Pinterest.

The question is: how can you leverage social media for your organisation?  Here are 8 tips to get you started in social media whether you are bog or small.

1.  Start with a strategy. Before you even start your social media pages, first sit down and work out your social media strategy.  What do you want to get from social media?  Is it more customers or brand awareness?  Are you launching a new product?

2.  Select your social media network.  This depends on your organisation. Twitter is great as it allows you to interact with your customers directly.  If you want to build a fan base then facebook will work well for this.  Just make sure you respond when they comment, ask questions or complain.  People dont like to be kept waiting.

3. Do you have a social media manager?  Its important to have one person dedicated to deal with social media.

4.  There is a reason for the name social media!  Don’t make the mistake of setting up social media pages and then disappearing & forget about them.  Someone from the organisation must be watching all the time. Manage the pages you create and build the fans and followers organically.

5.  Learn from the experts.  Watch big multinational companies and see how their social media pages work and learn from the good they have done and use it for yourself.  Continuously direct your clients to your social media pages and have fun along the way.

6.  Social Media pages you should have:  Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Places & a blog – use WordPress or Blogger.

7.  Check your user name.  Make sure you have a useful user name, so choose something that is either your own name or your organization name.

8.  Work on your BIO:  Your “About” page is a vital piece of your profile so make sure its great.  Use it also to direct people to your website or blog.

This is just the beginning to help get you started with a basic social media strategy.

To go further and to increase your DIGITAL footprint come along to our Social Media Bootcamps which are led by Digital4Christ founder Japie Swanepoel.

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