Why Membership Matters?


In these economic times I know that there might be a few of you, who are questioning why you belong, and is it worth it? 

Please can I try and assist by re-highlighting the Willow Creek association’s Purpose, Vision and Mission.

Our Purpose: To stir up, call out and equip leaders in churches around the world.


Our Vision : That each local church should realize its full redemptive potential.


Our Mission : To inspire and equip Christian leaders to lead transformation minded churches

This is what your WCA membership supports! YOU allow US, to not only serve you, but also

to serve churches across South Africa plus churches in 10 countries north of us. We consider

ourselves to be your missionaries as we work to achieve our Mission!

Member benefits have been improved, and I hope that you agree that they offer good value

for money, but as covered above, the kingdom impact of your membership far outweighs

any monetary benefits!

Can I also, at this time, invite you to make full use of your membership. We are here to serve

You!  Providing the GLS, live speakers books and curriculums are just part of how we would

like to serve you. E-mail us your challenges, and let us see if we can help. If we don’t know

the answer, we’ll ask our “veteran” WCA members both here in SA and internationally.

We truly value our partnership with you, and look forward to serving you through 2012! Thank

you again for your support! Without it we would not exist!

His servant

Gerry Couchman

Please visit this link to get the full details about the new 2012 membership options & offers.


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