Over the past few years I have begun to prepare intentionally for conferences I am about to attend. My church makes a huge investment in getting me to the conference in Chicago, so the least I can do is make sure I honour their commitment to me. But more than that, in being intentional about the conference I get to benefit more and therefore hopefully, make a substantial contribution to my work and life.

So here 10 ways that you can get the most out of a conference.

  1. Know why you are going. I guess sometimes we attend a conference because someone paid for us to go or we feel we should go since we went last year. That’s all very well. But to be true to yourself, I strongly suggest that clarify your motives. I go the GLS each year because I’m convinced it will help me to…

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I have just returned from the Global Leadership Summit in Chicago, USA. Once again this event gets ten out of ten for anyone who wishes to become a better leader. Actually, it does more than that, as well as making you a better leade, it lifts the soul, fuels one with hope and helps to grow a person’s faith all at the same time. If you don’t believe me, attend a Summit yourself.

Here are 7 reasons to attend the GLS in a city near you.

  1. Pranitha Timothy (see picture with husband, child, parents and Gary Haugen from I.J.M).  She is a young Indian woman working with International Justice Ministry (I.J.M.). She has participated in rescuing over 4000 women and children from human slavery in India. It’s not just what she does that struck me, but it’s the person she is. Watch out for her story, it will stop…

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