What are we doing to care for our pastors? by Gerry Couchman

pastoral pressure statistics

PASTORAL STATISTICS – Heartbreaking reality!

 Researched by Gerry Couchman

Only 1/10 pastors make it through ministry!

  •  95% of pastors do not pray regularly with their wives
  •  70% of pastors feel grossly under paid
  •  85% of pastors said their greatest problem is dealing with problem people
    • Disgruntled elders, elders, worship leaders & teams, board members, & associate pastors
    •  This tragedy lies upon the doorstep of Boards/ Elders/ Deacons/ Society Stewards :
      • Only 1 out of 10 individuals, who start in ministry, will finish their careers in ministry! Why?
      • 50% of pastors will get divorced
      • 70% of pastors say they do not have a close friend!
      • 80% of pastors and 84% of their spouses live in a relentless state of discouragement
      • 33% of pastors say that being in ministry is a hazard to their family
      • 40% report having a serious conflict with someone in their church at least once per month!
      • 40% report considering leaving their pastorates in the last 3 months!
      • 70% of pastors fight depression continuously!
      • 40% of pastors have had an affair while in ministry!
      • 80% of pastors’ kids suffer from depression.
      • 50% of pastors are so discouraged that they would leave the ministry if they could, but have no other way of making a living!
      • 80% of seminary and Bible school graduates who enter the ministry will leave within the first 5 years
      • 70% of pastors said that the only time they spent studying the Bible was when they are preparing their sermons.
      • 50% of pastors say that the most destructive thing that occurred in their marriages – the day they entered ministry!

  All this is happening on our watch!!! This is not God honoring, or what God intended!

  • Pastors perform the most important work on planet earth!
  • What are WE going to do to change these horrific stats, and protect them and their families? 
  • Care of the pastor and his/her family, is the most important portfolio in your church!
    • “Without a shepherd the flock is soon scattered!”

I am planning to create a resource for every church with some insight and information about how they can walk alongside the pastor so these statistics are dramatically turned around.

If you have any ideas and comments you would like to share with me then please email me directly on Gerry@willowcreeksa.co.za


Drive Change or Embrace Frustration by Tony Morgan

Drive Change or Embrace Frustration?

Drive Change or Embrace Frustration?

Seth Godin loves to share the story of how years ago Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Air, found himself in an airport in the Caribbean. They had just cancelled his flight. Instead of freaking out about his day being ruined, he walked to the charter desk and asked about the cost of chartering a flight. He borrowed a chalkboard and wrote, “Seats to Virgin Islands, $39.”
In a few minutes, Branson had sold enough seats to cover his costs and he made it home in time. The experience also planted the seeds for the airline he would later start.
Branson wasn’t afraid of change. Anyone else would have called a cab and booked a hotel room. Anyone else would have tried again tomorrow. We need more church leaders who are willing to embrace change when the status quo is no longer good enough. Here are 10 truths about change:
1. Slow change is rarely positive change.
2. If everyone already recognizes the need for change, you’re obviously not the leader.
3. When it comes to change, leaders go first.
4. Organizations that don’t change die.
5. If a change seems easy, you’re probably not changing enough.
6. When you think you’ve communicated enough about a change, communicate more.
7. It’s very difficult to change a change that previously worked.
8. Someone will despise the change and let you know about it.
9. Change, even the best kind, will generate some fear, anger and sadness.
10. Change without metrics is foolish.
According to Seth, we can choose whether or not to live in a decade of frustration or a decade of change.

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Greeting from Bill Hybels

Founder of the Global Leadership Summit

Founder of the Global Leadership Summit

I’ve said it for decades now that I believe the local church is the hope of the world!
And yet churches have to be well lead if they are going to reach their redemptive potential.
You never know where you are going to get that one break through idea that could take your leadership and your organization to a whole new level!

Sometimes that one break through idea comes in a book, sometimes it comes through prayer, sometimes it comes in a conversation with another leader.
But often times and I argue, most predictably, it happens when you gather with other leaders and you are talking about the same subject matter.

Leaders usually have their plates full. Sometimes the last person that they tend to make an investment in, is themselves.
Don’t ever be embarrassed as a leader about making an investment in yourself.
In fact quite the opposite because “Everybody wins when you improve as a leader. Sometimes the best way you can bless your church is to make an investment in yourself”

Whether at church, school, business or home, you are leading people and projects every day. You’re leading in a culture that is constantly changing and redefining itself.
Leadership with perseverance, dedication and a commitment to stretch your mind, expand your heart and use your God-given gifts to impact your world in real and powerful ways.

In October you are invited to gather with thousands of leaders across the world for The Global Leadership Summit 2013. This event is designed to challenge you with world-class speakers, interactive dialogue and practical training.
An opportunity awaits. Decide once and for all to sharpen your skills.
Everything depends on it…your family, your church and your business.
The stakes are high. LEAD!

Register today at The Global Leadership Summit

“If it’s the last thing I do, I will give every ounce of the rest of my life to helping leaders and churches get better!

Serving the church through leadership development,
Bill Hybels